My son was had gone to a BMX award ceremony in Lincoln Illinois, and then he and his seven year old son when the St.Louis Six Flags for the annual Fright Night Celebrations. On the way back to his hotel, his GPS malfunctioned and took him to an old cemetary, which he neglects to mention in his article. He called me late at night and asked me about Mothman, and I said I heard he was some large crane with red eyes that stood about four feet tall, and that’s what the people were seeing late at night and scaring them. Here is what he wrote.

We were in Pacifica, MO, tonight around 11:30 PM and noticed a massive flying creature, not once but three times. My son even noticed it on his own the third time. We were near a large cliff/mountain with some type of cave openings. We don’t live in the area, I can say for sure we turned onto a road called Viaduct Road, went past a fire station and continued on for about 1 mile before we first noticed it. It was brownish/grey and the body portion was at least the size of a large adult human. This creature was tracking us – in a circle pattern. We were driving an Escalade with the blue color headlights and this may have cause interest in us. The third time around we viewed it in front of the vehicle, around the driver side and around towards the rear of the vehicle. The factory tinted windows did help it vanish into the sky from our point of view.

Please understand when we could see it the range must have been about 150 feet in the air, not more than 250 feet. The distance was never less than 100 yards, often much greater. We were going about 35- 45 MPH. I have never thought of anything like this in my life! Afterwards at  3:33 AM  my son and myself were wide awake in a hotel, 17 miles away from the place we first noticed the creature. Please notify me if you become aware of similar sightings. Thanks.

When I was asking him about this, I asked is he could see the wings, and he said he could barely see them but the whole entity appeared more like a bat, wings and all. He was up half the night researching birds in the area, as was I. I found the large Blue Heron is a night flyer and smaller a heron is a night flyer there too.  We live around tons of Great Horned Owls and have seen them flying at dusk so we are very familiar with them. We also have a habitat on the river that is a refuge for bald eagles. Having seen owls and eagles, he said it was not one of them and the body looked like a large man. The color does not fit either type of Heron around the Mississippi River in Missouri, so we are stumped. The head of ornithology at a university told me it was hard to judge the real distance at night but she wrote another authority who said it was great imagination, but she gets several of these calls a year. The head of the ornithology department then suggested to her they should more closely monitor the heron population in that area.

Was it an odd colored great Blue Heron, or Mothman? We don’t know but are very glad we don’t live near there. My son received an email from a person who had noticed in that area, the owls were not coming out at night anymore and coyotes were hiding  under buildings or anywhere they could find. If an entity frightens owls and coyotes so much, I’m sure it would scare me.  I think it had to be a bird, but there have been reports of Pteranodon type animals, and it really sounds like one of them. This is all true, but I still think it was a giant bird of some sort. What do you think?


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4 Responses to “Mothman”

  1. mollyroger Says:

    well a flying heron though large has a fairly distinctive shape even in the dark but human like i would be hard put because of the massive wing portions snake like neck and long spindly legs. also i find the great blue heron to be extremely shy of humans often flying off before you would even notice them being there. the colors of great blue heron range from in the right light so please an dark olive to a slate grey mostly a blueish grey hence the name.

    if we could get a better description of the wingshape. a better description of the body and particularly the head neck area mayhaps we could narrow it down

    but the basic description of human like implies a short necked big head and broad body particularly at the shoulders which can then limit us to the birds of prey and their relatives

    the great horned owl has a 56 inch wing span
    the spotted owl has a 40 inch wing span
    the great grey owl has a 60 inch wingsPAN but would be well out of its range which is moswtly canada

    may hlp you narrow things down

  2. JOSE'S MOM Says:

    Well I’m a true believer in all things mysterious. Yes of course it could have been a large bird, but I really think sometimes we need to open our minds to new and different things. I don’t believe in things blindly, and I do like to do research. But not all things can be explained with science. Alaska has very large eagles with enormous wing spans. But I think I could tell the difference between an eagle and the Mothman. lol
    The ravens here in Alaska are pretty big too. I suppose a large raven swooping down from above in the middle of a dark forest could invoke some fear.

    Also, we need to pay attention to our feelings. I think we all have some sort of 6th sense so to speak. Some more than others. Sometimes we can sense something is VERY different: like the strange vibes a new house may have, or like the creepy feeling about the stranger standing on the street corner. When odd things happen, we really need to pay attention to those inner feelings. How are people FEELING when they think they’ve seen the mothman?

    All I know is this: when I see my parrots, I feel all warm and gushy inside! LOL

  3. Rod Simmons Says:

    I agree with you, that sixth sense seems real. I don’t think we have any ravens around here though, ifwe do, I’ve never seen one but sure would like too. I think if it was the Mothman that was seen we would have found out by now because Six Flags over St. Louis would have all fallen down by now so Mothman didn’t cause any disasters, and I thought that’s what he was all about. No, the roller coasters didn’t fall so all is well. Of course that was the last days of the season, we’ll see about next year if anyone gets trapped hanging upside down on one of those rides again. I think by head would have blown up if that happened to me. I’m scared of those crazy rides anyway.

  4. Rabbitude Says:

    As Hamlet said, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” We (mankind) are STILL discovering new wildlife around the world on a regular basis. It seems foolish to rule out undiscovered species just because we are ignorant of them.

    Despite the reported sightings that are dismissed as herons, non of the ornithologists have photos to disprove something like Mothman. An absence of evidence is not necessarily proof in and of itself.

    Like your son, I would have been up half the night trying to classify my sightings. It’s more reassuring to have a “natural” explanation than to entertain the alternative. On the other hand, I’m also the one writing a vampire novel (for oh-so-many years…), so the concept of this being something in the paranormal realm is not off-putting for me.

    That’s NOT to say that I wouldn’t have been outta there like a shot!

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