In An Atheistic Society, How Do We Deal With Mother Nature?

I have always wondered this, without any purposeful creation, oft-times we use Mother Nature instead, or just nature. We say nature takes care of its own and that this or that is the natural way things should be, but if we are all just accidents of some cosmic dyspeptic event, then the phrase, “the natural way” has no meaning, it’s invalid because it necessitates some kind of reason. But without meaningful creation, or as Einstein said, “a roll of the dice”, nothing is important to the cosmos at all. So I guess it just comes down to the human being and his fears and longings and somewhat fantastical beliefs that the term, “all is well” at any given time makes sense, but he needs cosmos not chaos, and that is impossible without intelligent design.  Mother Nature is cruel and most likely a bad witch, so some god must appear in the human psyche so he can survive the vagaries of his pathetic existence.luckyrabbit


11 Responses to “In An Atheistic Society, How Do We Deal With Mother Nature?”

  1. troll Says:

    Now I’m sure you’re the one to watch. You leave me speechless. Of course you HAVE used up most of the words. Seriously, all people should be as aware as the hare pictured above. Where can I get one of those shirts?

  2. kingtekno Says:

    Yes, I am one verbose hare. And that shirt is available on a site called Funny T-Shirts. It’s great, isn’t is, and I found one just my size.

  3. molly roger Says:

    philosophy is a major preoccupation of humanity for this very reason for this very question even. historically religion is a subset of philosophy as is science. from socrates to sarte and beyond we have the makings of an answer as a song* said “one grain of truth mixed with confusion caused by man”.

    the physical universe compared to you as a being in it is for all practical purposes infinate yet we can imagine its end and its beginning. but because of this size difference small differences in the universe can have catastrophic effects on an individual. think train hitting a bicycle or hurricane vs a junebug or even human and the mosquito although i think the human senses the mosquito a great deal more. so i guess what i am saying about nature is that it is just so incredibly huge taken as physical whole that we are unnoticed.

    spiritually or intellectually we may or may not be a match to nature without an ability to communicate we will potentially never know and at this point faith has to come in or dispair will arise

    *steppenwolf, the song america, off the monster album

  4. northerncat Says:

    The problem is that this thing we call God has been given human, or more so, superhuman powers. We have created Him or Her as a kind of better human than we are, and we did so long ago. Christianity is part of that heritage. Another problem with some people, not you, believing in intelligent design is that they take everything in the Bible for granted. “Because we believe in it, it must be the the truth. Every letter in it”. It’s a little like having New York Rangers as your favorite icehockey team, just because you are from New York.

  5. kingtekno Says:

    To notherncat. I know, some people take it vebatim, and there is just so much we don’t understand and God knows that. I believe in evolution and intelligent design, as did Einstein. Some religions believe that we have a need for God, that’s why we seek one out. Evidently, most human minds need God, and those minds with huge supples of endorphins maybe don’t. Humans having the knowledge of good and evil and also death, are a sad lot. It’s a shame to come to like life, because we don’t remember before we were born, because we didn’t exist, and death could be just that, and it frightens people. What I think is odd is that the Hebrews seemed to concentrate on what could be done by God for us while alive. I heard that the captivity of the Jews in Babylon gave them the idea of life after death and resurrection. Maybe they so hated the Egyptian way of things, they wouldn’t even address life after death as we know, those guys took it to the extreme. It’s a mystery that we all have to contend with in our own way.

  6. kingtekno Says:

    To Molly and Roger. Yes, we are living on this huge ball of confusion and I don’t think the human mind has or maybe never will come to terms with it. I think rabbits know more than humans, but it’s hard to get much out them them.

  7. Starrlady Says:

    If we didn’t believe in God, what would make us feel any reason to do good vs. evil? We would surely feel devoid of any passion or hope of where we came from or where we will be after death. The bible in part was written by a some long bearded men who said that God spoke to them but it was probably untrue, just a form of wanting to hold a postition of holy power over others. That would make the bible an untruth in part. The bible has many teachings that do make sense to who we are, others that seem to too far distant to be believed. Controversy has always surrounded the bible as people try to decipher the jumbled words and came up with hundreds if not thousands of different views. Rabbits put there trust in nature to find spots to hide from predators, to find food, to bring more bunnys into the world and to make us love the furry cuddly gentle creatures they are. Long live the bunny’s, they don’t have to stress out about world affairs they leave that to us.

  8. Buck Sylvilagus Says:

    Yes,that’s exactly how I see things,I just couldn’t find the words. Contrary to popular belief,some people ARE very close to perfection. They call those people rabbits. Rabbits are destined to rule the world one day. Rabbits originated in one teeny,tiny little region of the world…the Mediterranean. And,look at them now……they inhabit almost every region of the globe. Would you like to know why that knowledge is not more common? Because,unlike humans,rabbits don’t broadcast themselves to the world. They don’t clear-cut entire forest’s to build a city. The forest IS their city. You wont find landfills,strip malls or gas stations either. They respect their environment. Another great trait they posses that humans should adapt….they never have and never will,kill each other by the millions over stupid words,thoughts or perversions. Goodness knows they have enough of those too. Wealth,power and status,just to name a few. What good is it all? You can’t take any of it with you. Yes,some of us are close to perfect. Well,closER,at the very least. Imagine,if you will,a world run by rabbits. Park the bulldozers and the family trucksters,cover the landfills and let the forests’ grow back. Imagine a sky free of pollution. I hear starlight can be very magical. Moonlight too……there’s something quite special about the things that come between “us” and the moon.
    It doesn’t surprise me at all that this blogs author is a rabbit. Nope,not one bit. Not one little bit. Who else could it possibly be?

  9. kingtekno Says:

    Well spoken my friend, and miracles do occur when caught between one of us and the moon. Our relationship to the unseen is one which few humans will even know.

  10. Rabbitude Says:

    Just one little observation — we communed wid our mom an’ came to da conclusion dat hoomins live in more of a SECULAR society rather than ATHEISTIC. Most hoomins seem ta believe in “the Great Something” but live a life disconnected fwom any special beliefs which propel ’em forward.

    What some easily to us rabbits — livin’ in accord wid “nature”-al instincts — hoomins has to study an’ practice on.

    An’ if u want a perfect picshur of chaos, follow a few hoomins around fer a coupla days.

  11. Miss Mollie Says:

    I love the shirt honey. You have a way with words.

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